Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

GS1 expanded its range of standards by developing Business-to-Consumer (B2C) standard designed for the online consumers. GS1 provides guidelines for the developing of applications that improve the access of the businesses and consumers to reliable product information. B2C includes:

  • GS1 Source – Standards-based, scalable and interoperable framework for sharing product information in consumer-facing digital channels 
  • Digital Coupons – Our GS1 B2C Digital Coupons Management Standard provides business partners with a common basis for creating a secure and reliable management process for managing digital coupons.
  • Mobile Bar Codes – GS1 strongly believes in the benefits of global standards for mobile bar codes. We are working with Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) on bringing a new level of bar code scanning to mobile devices.

GS1 Bulgaria developed the mobile application BG BARCODE whereby you are able to check the legitimacy of the barcodes starting with the numbers 380. You also receive information about the company manufacturer or distributor of the product. For other barcodes the application forwards you to the international registry GEPIR or gives explanation. 

BG Barcode