Company prefix GS1



In case you still do not have an account in our system, click on the item “Members Login” and select the option “New Member”. It is not required to fill in information about your company on this step. When you finish the registration you will receive an e-mail for verification of the account.


Login as a user in our system and then choose from the menu in the left “Register a company”. Fill in the following information:

Step 1: General information about the company – name in Bulgarian and in English, legal status, activity related to the marking of the products with barcodes.

Step 2: Details about the person in charge of the company – manager, CEO or other option from the list.

Step 3: Invoice details.

Step 4: Mailing address (the address can be the same as the registered office or other).

Step 5: Contact details: telephone number, e-mail.

Step 6: Application for an ID number – select one the following options from the list: company prefix (with capacity of 100, 1000, 10 000 or 100 000 numbers); GTIN-8 or GLN. When you apply for a company prefix the registration fee is calculated on turnover from the previous year.

Step 7: Confirm the registration of company. The company details will appear on the monitor and you are able to make changes and corrections by going back to the previous steps.

Step 8: Authorize a company user. This step implies identification of the person who has the right to manage the company profile. Two options are available:

  1. The authorized user is the person who is creating the profile. In that case, mark the field “I will” and proceed to the next step for finishing the registration.
  2. The authorized user is another person. After entering information about the person who will manage the company’s profile, the last will receive an e-mail to complete the registration.

Step 9: Complete the registration. You have to read and accept the Terms of GS1. After finishing the registration, the system will generate two documents at the company’s wall:

  1. Registration form
  2. Letter for authorized user from the manager of the company to GS1 Bulgaria.

Step 10: Print, sign and send the documents to: 1058 Sofia, 9 Iskar Str. When you apply for a company prefix it is necessary to attach also a financial report for the previous year. If you apply for GTIN-8 or GLN send only the registration form and the letter for authorized user.

Step 11: The company’s status will be “For verification”. Wait until you receive a pro-forma to make the payment. The pro-forma will appear on the company’s wall in section “Accounting documents”

Step 12: When the company’s status is “Active” you are allowed to use your identification numbers.