GS1 eCom is the GS1 term for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): the interchange of structured data according to agreed message standards, by electronic means.

GS1 eCom provides global standards for electronic business messaging that allow rapid, efficient and accurate automatic electronic transmission of agreed business data between trading partners. GS1 eCom provides two complementary standards for business messaging: EANCOM® and XML.


EANCOM® is a detailed implementation guideline of the UN/EDIFACT standard messages. It comprises business messages with clear definitions and explanations on how to use all the data fields. This allows trading partners to exchange commercial documents in a simple, accurate and cost effective manner.

There are various types of messages to answer all business requirements at the various stages of a trade relationship:

  • Master data messages describe relevant parties and products.
  • Commercial transactions start with the ordering and end with the debit multiple advice or a credit multiple advice messages, following the logical sequence of the trading cycle.
  • Report and planning messages are used for informing the trading partner on the trading activity or to plan ahead for future requirements, thus allowing a streamlining of the supply chain.
  • General messages which are used to send general application support information to one or multiple addresses.

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