As a patient, you are entitled to the best care.

Using our standards in healthcare enhances patient safety, stimulates supply chain efficiency and improves drug traceability. They also contribute to the transparency of the processes as well as to the reduction of medical errors.

Developing standards for the healthcare sector is directly involved with stakeholders from all over the world: drug and medical device manufacturers, distributors, retailers, hospitals, software developers, local and international regulators.

The use of GS1 standards in healthcare contributes to positive effects on the supply chain, such as:

  • Reducing inventory and managing expiration dates,
  • Old stockpiling is prevented,
  •  Improves the efficiency of ordering and billing processes,
  • Faster and easier download,
  • Consignment goods,
  • Improved cost calculation for one patient.


Counterfeit medicines have become a growing global threat over the last few decades and with more and more regulatory authorities in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the EU, adopting or undergoing procedures to adopt requirements for the use of counterfeit medicines. global, unique drug identifiers, as well as serialization to protect the supply chain.

As of 09 February 2019, the European Medicines Traceability System established by Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161 of 2 October 2015 supplementing Directive 2001/83 / EC on counterfeit medicines is already successfully operating in the European Union.

One of the main objectives of the European Directive is to prevent entry into the legal supply chain of counterfeit medicinal products and to guarantee the integrity of the product and the authenticity of the medicinal products (safety and product serialization indicators).

Detailed rules for the safety features on the packaging of medicinal products for human use are laid down. One of the indicators is the mandatory printing of the GS1 GTIN, a global business unit number in a 2D Data Matrix barcode.